Coffee and Blogging

Well obviously coffee isn’t absolutely necessary to be a blogger, but I find it helps me. I’ve been blogging, off and on for a few years now, and coffee almost always happens when I’m doing a new blog post. Sometimes I wonder how much I actually know about blogging though … I’ve probably broken most of the rules in blogging, and that quite likely is why I don’t get hundreds of hits on my blogs.sunset last week

This sunset is something I could write about, but I’m not going to, it’s just here for everyone to look at and enjoy. I love sunsets!

My first problem with blogging started when I got really really excited about all of the wonderful things blogging could do to help me in my writing career. Or the scribbling and (self)publishing that I call a writing career. A career is where you make all of your money, isn’t it? If so, I’m in trouble, haha!

The government is looking after me though with money, and so is my darling husband, so I’m getting along well enough. I’m enjoying my life too, and inspiring other people too, apparently, and that’s a good thing, surely? Yes, of course it is. Now thinking about my blogging, and it’s lack of real success, I could look at in a different way, and it doesn’t look like such a failure.

This is a better way to look at it. I have many (too many) blogs, I got excited and went overboard. If I added up all of the words and all of the comments together, wow, that adds up to, well not impressive amounts, but better amounts of action. When, or if, I finally get my act together, get off these free blogs, and actually have one blog which I pay proper attention to, wow, that will be great, won’t it? Or maybe not. That ‘maybe not’ is probably the reason why I haven’t actually done it yet.

Anyway, I’m going to go to a workshop in July, which I’m hoping will assist me in getting a more cohesive approach to this online and blogging thing. Writers write, and blogs are made up of words. Well, actually the best ones have words and images too, don’t they. Sometimes, in fact far too often, I neglect to put images in my blogs.



I remembered this time, there’s another image! The image above is from my book “Doggone It! Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View”. I wrote the book, Allyson Hean provided the images. I have more about this book and others on another of my blogs – Dig It!

What I’m actually going to do in the meantime is to post this on some of my blogs, as I can find them, and then see what happens. It’s an experiment, and I’d love to get some feedback from other people. So, if you can offer me anything about this, please do so, I’d love to hear from you!