Coffee and Blogging

Well obviously coffee isn’t absolutely necessary to be a blogger, but I find it helps me. I’ve been blogging, off and on for a few years now, and coffee almost always happens when I’m doing a new blog post. Sometimes I wonder how much I actually know about blogging though … I’ve probably broken most of the rules in blogging, and that quite likely is why I don’t get hundreds of hits on my blogs.sunset last week

This sunset is something I could write about, but I’m not going to, it’s just here for everyone to look at and enjoy. I love sunsets!

My first problem with blogging started when I got really really excited about all of the wonderful things blogging could do to help me in my writing career. Or the scribbling and (self)publishing that I call a writing career. A career is where you make all of your money, isn’t it? If so, I’m in trouble, haha!

The government is looking after me though with money, and so is my darling husband, so I’m getting along well enough. I’m enjoying my life too, and inspiring other people too, apparently, and that’s a good thing, surely? Yes, of course it is. Now thinking about my blogging, and it’s lack of real success, I could look at in a different way, and it doesn’t look like such a failure.

This is a better way to look at it. I have many (too many) blogs, I got excited and went overboard. If I added up all of the words and all of the comments together, wow, that adds up to, well not impressive amounts, but better amounts of action. When, or if, I finally get my act together, get off these free blogs, and actually have one blog which I pay proper attention to, wow, that will be great, won’t it? Or maybe not. That ‘maybe not’ is probably the reason why I haven’t actually done it yet.

Anyway, I’m going to go to a workshop in July, which I’m hoping will assist me in getting a more cohesive approach to this online and blogging thing. Writers write, and blogs are made up of words. Well, actually the best ones have words and images too, don’t they. Sometimes, in fact far too often, I neglect to put images in my blogs.



I remembered this time, there’s another image! The image above is from my book “Doggone It! Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View”. I wrote the book, Allyson Hean provided the images. I have more about this book and others on another of my blogs – Dig It!

What I’m actually going to do in the meantime is to post this on some of my blogs, as I can find them, and then see what happens. It’s an experiment, and I’d love to get some feedback from other people. So, if you can offer me anything about this, please do so, I’d love to hear from you!



Time for a Cup of Inspiration

So, I’ve decided I will attempt to be a novelist, as well as a poet. Again … I have this work-in-progress that I’ve been thinking about and playing with for a while now, writing a bit about it, various tiny scenes written in response to our writing groups prompts. If I was an organised person, I would have put all of these little bits of writing together, in some kind of order, and I’d have the makings of a novel …

I am so far away from being an organised person though. I’m afraid Meredith, Travis and the others may never actually become characters in a published book. Roger the mayor of Talloola may never get the ‘throwing out’ he deserves, and Jamilla may never find happiness after the suicide (or is it murder) of her mother.

I’m thinking about inspiration, and I know have that cup of coffee/inspiration there to the right of me, warm and waiting for me. Sip, sip, sip, ahhh, that’s the way! Thinking about inspiration, and about writing, and wandering out to the backyard got me thinking about it all, and it occurred to me that writing is quite like gardening.

You can have tiny little bonsai gardens, just as you can have tiny little haiku and tanka poetry. Or you can have an enormous garden taking up acres and acres, how you can books that take in hundreds of thousands of pages. The novel I’m currently attempting to write would be the equivalent of a sixties Australian garden, a quarter of an acre, or 75.000 words.

At the moment though, this novel is more like that one quarter of an acre block with maybe a slab down, and a couple of struggling trees planted, with one lovely bright yellow flower, that may turn out to be some kind of weed … “Green Dreams, Tales from Talloola” is currently fewer than 3,000 words, in the semi-organised version of it on my laptop. I know there are at least five to ten little pieces of writing with maybe 200 words each. I also know those little pieces of writing are in notebooks and on my phone in ‘Notes’. I further know the likelihood of getting all of the bits together is quite low. Sad, but true.

Do you have a foolproof method of getting your bits and pieces of writing together, in a way that eventually ends up as a book you could send to a publisher? If you have any hints and tips, why not leave them here, in a comment? I may dedicate the book to you, if it works for me!

Puss in Boots sometimes gives me inspiration too. He usually comes with me to the writing group, that meets every Thursday at the P/A Hotel in Gawler …puss

Coffee’s stages …

The man, the coffee, the artist! Riko has been a legend at the Mallala Hotel, when it had different people in charge, and different people behind the bar. This gloriously decorated cuppa was made especially for the gloriously bearded Riko, but the lovely Elle, who has moved on to quite different things. No longer a barmaid, but real estate person and now a new mother. Life always has the chance to move in different directions …coffee art

I would imagine the coffee cup pictured was hot when Riko received it, then it may have become warm and then tepid, as Riko sipped at the lip of the cup. It may even have become cool and even then cold. These are the stages of coffee. Many people never experience more than one stage, the hot stage. These would be the people who have money to spare, but who have not much time to spare. They will drink their cup down quick and then move off to their next thing to do.

Other people only drink cold coffee. The cup would have been hot, then tepid, and cool, but this kind of person would have been busy doing important things and had no time for sipping lazily at a cup of coffee. These are often the people who make the coffee for everyone else, the people with spare time, who can slowly sip their way through the stages of coffee.

I thank all of the people who supply me with coffee, and appreciate their work. I feel sorry for them though, to be unable to experience full range of what a cup of coffee can be. I’m glad to be one of the people who gets to sit with a cup of coffee through the whole range of temperatures. I’m also glad that the final, cold stage only applies to the very end of the experience, and to only the merest of drops of coffee. Most of my cups of coffee is drunk at the warm stage, after a quick but careful sip of hot coffee, then a lovely stage of sipping lovely warm coffee.

I often am hit with some kind of inspiration at the warm stage, and something else gets my attention, coffee cup ignored as I perhaps write the first draft of a new piece of writing, a poem perhaps. Then, writing done, I will now have my cup of coffee at the tepid stage. I may drink it down quickly then, and perhaps eat something, and once the food has gone, perhaps think about my next cup of coffee, knocking back the final cold sip, and then getting the next blissful cup of inspiration!

What stage is your favourite one, for your cup of coffee? Hot, warm, tepid, cool, or cold? I’d love to know your thoughts about coffee. Does coffee inspire you, as it inspires me?