Which is the Literary Best Form?

So, Poetry, the Novel, Non-Fiction, Short Stories or Flash Fiction, which is the best form of writing? This is a nonsensical question of course. I like them all, in their place. I write more poetry than I write novels of course, because I can write a poem in ten minutes, but even if I was writing a unedited novel, it would take me at least two months to put down enough words for a novel.

I read novels though, and I have one and a half novels written in first draft. I’ve also written and have published non fiction. Poetry is currently taking up a lot of my time – thinking about it, if not writing it. The odd poem crops up from time from my pen too, in response to a 5 word challenge. Life and literature combine for me, and I love it.

Flash Fiction though is something I’ve been getting some success with, and after the workshop I did last weekend, I’m getting more and more interested in it. Thinking about these things is what prompted this blog post and indeed prompted the creation of this new blog. So, what do you think? Which literary form rocks your pen or keyboard?


Coffee Addiction? What Coffee Addiction?

The title of this blog may indicate I have an issue with too much coffee. I don’t of course, I don’t believe there is such a thing as too much coffee. My head doesn’t have a problem that is. I suspect my body on occasion may have other ideas about the ‘too much’ definition.

When my heart goes bangbangbang and I’m feeling hyper, I suppose that’s my body trying to tell me something. That doesn’t happen often though. My usual amount of coffee is just fine, both my head and my body in agreement, heart going bang … bang … bang … nice and slow as it should and my thoughts appearing sedately and waiting their turn as needed.

Three cups of coffee on a normal day, with perhaps up to five cups if I’m out at night and will be driving home – the coffee helps me to stay awake behind the wheel. I’ve have too many scary times driving at night when I suddenly wake up and realise I was asleep. Of such things accidents and statistics are made …

Anyway, coffee and I have a good relationship – I have coffee when I want to, not too much, and always as good as I can get. I drink plunger coffee at home, usually. When I’m at a hotel or restaurant I’ll have a flat white. At my mum’s place, other people’s homes, or sometimes here at my own home, I’ll have instant.

There may be more to life than coffee, but most of the good things in life are better with a good cuppa, a quick one if need be, but otherwise a long slow one that glides from hot through to cooling in the course of a good conversation, or good story to read. If you can put a yummy muffin or cookie or cake into the equation, yummy!

Do you like coffee, and good stories to read? You’re at the right place if you do!

My First Post on This New Blog

This workshop that I attended last weekend will tell visitors a little about what this blog may be all about.

I’ve been writing flash fiction for a few years now, and have had some success online with a couple of different online publishers. One of those publishers is ‘Pure Slush’. Matt Potter is the creator of this publishing site, and is an interesting guy to know, particularly if you’re keen on flash fiction!

I’m certainly glad to know Matt, it’s been great for me to have a publisher who likes my writing enough to actually publish it! If you’re interested in my online writing with Pure Slush, this is the place to go.

Take a look ay my answers to the questions on the page, and take a look at my writing there too!